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Close-up of young romantic couple is kissing and enjoying the company of each other at home.

Releasing November 2, 2021

Marco Rivera is at a crossroads. The professional goalkeeper is at the height of his career. But when the mother of his son dies unexpectedly, he must make some difficult decisions. Leaving his job behind, he is determined to insert himself into his son’s life and be the hands-on father he’s always wanted to be.

But first, he must gain the trust of Diana Nieves.

Diana has everything under control. Mother of two and guardian to Marco’s son, she manages her family, her ex-husband, and the local high school with deft efficiency. Dealing with Marco Rivera though might be more than she can handle.

Forced to work together, Diana and Marco need to figure out how to heal a grieving teenager, rein in a wayward girl, and fight their increasing attraction to each other. In the midst of tragedy, they have to decide what it takes to move on.   

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